Playhouse Project

When the world shuts down and all the parks are closed, you realize you want your kids to have entertainment in your backyard! My husband has run a landscaping business for 11 years, and our backyard is an entertaining dream…for adults. I started realizing when we would have people over we didn’t have a whole lot for kids to do in our yard. As a stay-at-home mom it’s very important for me that there are things for my kids to occupy themselves with so they aren’t complaining they are bored. So as the warmer months approached we started brainstorming how we could build something in our yard that the kids could use for years to come.

Growing up, I always had some sort of playhouse and I have so many memories playing house with my fake children and imaginary husband. I knew I wanted that for my kids, so we came up with the idea of a suspended playhouse. Since my husband runs his landscaping business we have so much material laying around the shop, so the first thing we did was look at what we already had that we could use. This whole project is crawling with reused material.

We ended up using our vinyl fencing material to build the bones so that we wouldn’t have to paint or do any maintenance. We also had cedar wood laying around so we incorporated that to give it some more personality. The window we used is the same window we have on our shed. We added fascia and shingles to make it look more finished and while that made it pricey, I’m so glad we did!

For the interior, we used leftover linoleum that the builders used for the bathrooms and entryway of our house. I already had a wooden oar lying around that I was going to use in a “nautical theme” room and it never panned out. So I decided to hang that, and this cute sign we got made at a fair years ago! I always say to “shop your house” before you buy something and it really has saved us so much money. (Does that make up for all the money I’ve wasted changing my mind 5 months after I buy something?) I couldn’t find a chalk board in the size I wanted so I decided to buy a large frame at Michaels for $25 and paint it with chalk paint. I hung these little buckets I found at Walmart with command strips to hold the chalk. The light on the outside is just a solar light from Canadian Tire.

One of my favorite features is this ship wheel we put up. We used a decorative ship wheel we already had that was on a marble slab by cutting it off the slab and attaching it to the railing with a bolt.

Finally, we decided to lay pour and place rubber under the play area so that we wouldn’t have to mow grass around the slide. Plus, when kids come ripping down the slide it is not kind to your lawn!

My husband was NOT a fan of a sand box underneath the structure so I decided to keep the rubber mulch that was already there and I bought little sand excavators for the kids to dig the mulch with and it was a huge hit! All in all, we spent a lot of money on this little house but I am so happy with how it turned out I may move in!

Now, onto the next one!

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