Bathroom makeover for under $600

We have lived in our home for 6 years now and I have redone almost every room in the house – except the main bathroom. This builder grade bathroom has never been my style and I always wanted to do something different, but it’s hard when there’s nothing actually “wrong” with it. It just simply wasn’t doing anything for me. So after going on a trip during a global pandemic and having to quarantine for 14 days when I got home I figured there was no time like the present to start a project. There is nothing more dangerous than a woman on quarantine am I right!?

We started with updating the walls with 2 different board and batten styles to give them some texture. I decided to do horizontal board and batten on the vanity wall because it would be less busy and more inexpensive than shiplap. On the opposite wall I knew I wanted thicker board and batten with a slight shelf. For the horizontal board and batten wall we used 1.5 inch MDF and spaced them about a foot apart.

Once the walls were done it was time to deal with the countertops. I knew I didn’t want to buy new countertops since the ones that came with the house were perfectly fine, so I found these peel and stick adhesive counters on Amazon for $25! I am going to be honest, like many of our DIY projects these counters were harder to install then other people led on. Luckily, we laughed through the process and learned a lot with these sticky buggers.

Once we finished the countertops I made a spur of the moment decision to revamp the floors too and boy am I happy I did that! If you’ve ever tackled a home project you know that things escalate REAL quick once you start. The floors were the finishing touch to this bathroom needed to be more “me”. I was trying to make this project as cost effective as possible so my husband wouldn’t band international travel forever so it was peel and stick for the win – yet again! This mosaic tile was so easy to install (or if you are me, super easy to watch your husband install). They were easy to cut down to the shape and size we needed with just a utility knife. I’ve gotten quite a few questions regarding the durability of these floors and I have to say, we have no complaints! Our boys bath in the tub and, well, they are boys so naturally the water doesn’t stay in the tub and they have been fine.

Now for the finishing touches which is always my favourite part! It’s where the magic happens. We made floating shelves out of plumbers pipe and leftover cedar from our pergola. We burnt the wood to seal them, painted them black, and painted the pipes with the same brass colour I painted the pulls on the cupboards. Almost all of the products we used besides the wood for the walls were from Amazon. The main reason being what better way to shop while you are on quarantine. I have linked what we used below.

I love how light and bright this small bathroom turned out. When I walk by, I still tend to stop and take it all in for a moment. It truly is amazing what you can do to a space on a budget if you are willing to get creative and work with what you have.


Now, onto the next one!

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